Not My First Rodeo

This was the only painting I painted today. Oh, I had plenty of time to do another one, maybe even two, but I hadn’t explored this particular piece of coast before other than a quick surf check that consisted of a total of 5 minutes in the carpark below before moving on to seek a more sheltered location.

Today, I had all day. These trails weave all over the hills providing views of the ocean and lessons in history, scattered with WWII era bunkers at every knoll with a commanding view. For years, many uniformed eyes must have been stationed on these hills staring out at this view, scanning the blue waters for anything out of place. I don’t know if the view ever got old for them, or if they considered it just one of the perks of their otherwise often uneventful job assignment. 

Either way, I spent the whole day wandering around taking in these views and almost didn’t even paint this, but as late afternoon set in, I figured I’d better get to work.

Artwork Information:

Artwork Title: "Not My First Rodeo"
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year Painted: 2016

Additional Artwork Information:

Method: Plein Air
Date Painted: 06/24/2016
Region: Northern California > The California Coast > Marin
Road Trip: Marin 2016

Artwork Logistics:

Travel Logistics: Had to Sleep in My Van
Miles Hiked: 2-4 Miles
Weather Logistics: Painted in Heavy Winds

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