The California Coast is my home.

For over 15 years I've been working toward painting the entire coastline of this beautiful state. It's a slow and winding road though... and sometimes it's no road at all.

I know I'll never be able to say I've painted every piece of this coast, but I can say that I've been more intentional about painting the entire coastline than any artist I've ever come across.

As a third-generation Californian, I moved to the Northern California coast nearly 30 years ago and I've been traveling the length of the state visiting family and friends scattered up and down the coast ever since. What started out as looking for waves has turned into... well, I'm still looking for waves, I'm just painting every bend and cove that catches my eye along the way now.

I spend weeks at a time on the road, living a gloriously unkempt life just to explore the nooks and coves I've not yet seen. I've hiked for miles, far off the beaten paths. I've painted from the side of the busy highway. I've painted from boats, climbed on rooftops, crawled over locked gates, edged between barbed wire, suffered the nuisance of ticks, poison oak, biting ants, high winds... you get the idea. All of this to bring you these visions of California's Coast.

Welcome to California and enjoy... just remember to pack your trash and leave no trace!


A Thousand Words

When I'm not painting, I'm often writing notes, jotting down collected memories, occasionally drifting into poetry inspired by life on the edge of the continent.

I have no formal background in writing, I just love to put words together and convey a story or a deeper meaning now and again.

Sometimes I get so into it that it seems I'm just creating art to fund my writing habit.

And so be it. It's just another way to share these visions of California with you.


Original Paintings
Originals can be hard to come by. I keep a current page of all available originals on this site though, so if you're keen to own a painting, check them out at the link below.

We offer beautiful prints on stretched canvas, varnished, and framed just like my originals, but for a fraction of the price. We have unframed paper options as well. Nearly every image on this site is available in several print formats. Simply browse the artwork and look for the "purchase options" link on each artwork's details page.