Purchase Options

If you've browsed the art on this site already, you'll know that nearly every painting has some purchase options available, whether it's the original painting itself, or canvas prints that are currently in stock at our gallery, or a variety of order options. We've got you covered. Simply browse the art and you'll see the options with each image. We've also got books, gift certificates, and even wholesale options.

Print Order Options | A Note About Large Print Sizes | Additional Info and Options

Print Order Options

We offer high quality limited edition prints on canvas and paper, as well as a budget-friendly paper option. All of these are printed once they are ordered with varying turnaround times depending on options selected. Most of the artwork on the site is available in all of these formats, though there are a few exceptions. Links are provided here to show all artwork available in various print formats, but you'll quickly see that it's nearly everything on the site. We recommend using the ARTWORK FILTERS  provided at the top right and bottom right of the artwork pages to narrow down the selection and find what you're looking for.

Limited Edition Canvas Prints


- 100% cotton canvas
- Printed with archival pigment ink
- Sprayed with UV blocking varnish
- Additional two coats of hand applied varnish
- Framed with rustic aged redwood lath frame
(unframed option also available)
- Ready to hang
- Signed & numbered by the artist
- Limited 95 prints of each image (including all other sizes)
- Certificate of Authenticity included

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of all Limited Edition Canvas Prints

(sizes vary | approx. $600-$1200)
(sizes vary | approx. $400-$600)
(sizes vary | approx. $200-$400)
(sizes vary | approx. $100-$200)

Limited Edition Paper Prints


- Museum quality 100% archival prints
- Printed with archival pigment inks
- Epson Velvet Fine Art Paper
(100% cotton rag, 260gsm)
- Signed & numbered by the Artist
- Editions limited to 15 prints
- Certificate of Authenticity included
- Unframed Only

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of all Limited Edition Paper Prints

(sizes vary up to 16" x 20" | $150)

Basic Paper Prints


- Printed with archival pigment inks
- Smooth neutral-white, acid-free matte paper(240gsm)
- Signed by the Artist
- Open Edition
- Unframed Only

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of all Surfer-On-a-Budget Paper Prints

-SMALL (sizes vary, approx... 10" x 16" | $40)
-LARGE (sizes vary, approx... 16" x 20" | $60)

A Note About Large Print Sizes

Yep. Go big! We get a lot of questions about printing at sizes larger than the original paintings. But don't worry, we only offer prints at sizes we're confident will reproduce well. Here's why:

- Typical print resolution for smooth paper is only 300dpi. Prints can be printed at higher resolution but the human eye cannot distinguish the higher resolution once you get beyond that threshold. Canvas print resolution is even lower due to the rough surface of the canvas, and typically print at 200dpi for the sharpest resolution.

- We capture every painting at an extremely high resolution, often up to 700dpi. This means our prints can exceed the size of our original paintings by a surprisingly large amount.

- Paintings by nature are organic and imperfect. These aren't digital precision graphics. Brushstrokes often blend and even hard edges in a painting have a rough quality to them so that when enlarged it is hard to tell that they weren't painted that size to begin with.

Ultimately we stand behind all the sizes we offer on this site. If your wall is calling for it, don't be afraid to go big!

Additional Info and Options

Current Deals and Special Offers

Occasionally there are some deals we'd love to share with you. Check them out before placing an order, you might save some of those hard-earned dollars!

Wholesale Orders

We offer wholesale pricing (up to 50% of retail) to small galleries for canvas prints and books, as well as to businesses that wish to display artwork in their public spaces. Contact us for more information.

California Coastal Commissions

Interested in commissioning a painting of your favorite location on the California Coast? Find more information and get that conversation started here.

We're happy to consider any subject matter even if it's not the coast, or even a landscape at all, but California Coastal Commissions always seem to end up at the front of the line.

Gift Certificates

Unsure what to give that special someone? Or is it too late to order a canvas print before that big day when you need to present your gift? Consider a gift certificate. It's flexible, easy, shows that you're thinking of them, and keeps you from showing up empty handed to the party.