“Machine Work”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 10″
Year: 2017


A bit of Old California here. Not too many places are left like this along the coast. An old industrial building, built back when even those were made to be beautiful and long before the man/nature dichotomy narrative had reached it’s current crescendo and even man’s industry was a thing to be celebrated as a wonder of nature itself, placed right above a small fishing pier on a pristine stretch of coast. It’s a wonder to me that it’s survived all these years and not been replaced by an upscale restaurant, or hotel, or both.

I don’t know of the history of its survival, if it’s current existence has been won in a series of hard fought battles from preservation minded locals against outside monetary interests, or it’s just been simply overlooked in it’s quiet corner of the coast, but I hope it doesn’t just sit here as a reminder of a past, I hope it thrives in all it’s grease and glory for generations to come.

Oh and I was approached by the police while painting this one. I was in the back of the van, doors open to the view. They pulled up slowly, just enough to see in the back and watched for a minute or two.  They never got out, never said a word, and slowly backed up and left. I guess I wasn’t the one they were looking for that day. I know that wasn’t much of a story for you either, but I always get a kick out of the events that unfold when painting out and about in public. I’ve never had a police officer approach me while painting in my home studio.

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