Wish You Were Here

Plein air painting of two barns and the pier at Becher's Bay on Santa Rosa Island off the coast of Southern California

Those two old barns standing together in this distant outpost reminded me just how much I miss my best friend, my wife, when I’m out wandering around on the edge of the earth. I hope to bring her back here soon. One of the nice things about this region of California’s coastline is that this once private land now is now National Park land, so when you encounter a barbed wire fence standing between you and the view you desire, the only concern is getting around or over said fence, and not whether the owner and their dogs might find you. Also there are no snakes hiding in the grass, which is hard to believe, but true in these parts. Double win. Good things come in pairs.

Artwork Information:

Artwork Title: "Wish You Were Here"
Original Size: 20" x 16"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year Painted: 2019

Additional Artwork Information:

Method: Plein Air
Date Painted: 03/20/2019
Region: The Channel Islands > The California Coast > Santa Barbara > Southern California
Road Trip: March 2019

Artwork Logistics:

Miles Hiked: 2-4 Miles
Hiking Terrain: Off Trail Wilderness Tromping, Full-On Bushwhacking
Vehicular Logistics: Extra Vehicular Assistance Needed
Extra-Vehicular Requirements: Boat Required for Access
Access Logitics: Fence or Gate Hopping Required, Barbed Wire
Geological Hazards: Steep or Unstable Cliffs
Botanical Hazards: Thorns and Brambles, Some Poison Oak Observed
Biological Hazards: High Grass- Tick Country!
Anthropological Hazards: Roaming Scientists
Weather Logistics: Painted in Heavy Winds

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