In the Beginning

Arriving to Tahoe for the first time we approached from the south after traversing Echo Summit. The exposed granite boulders of the Pie Shop (what they call that hill in the mid upper right) in the distance gave just a hint of the aroma of the delicious feast of Earth’s wonder that was to come in the following days. The bits of snow still clinging to the shaded hill in the 80 degree heat was now a distant echo of the long dark and cold winter months that blanketed this area with more snow than recent memory could recall. And the fallen tree a reminder that life is never easy.. and even more so here in this place, in spite of its indescribable beauty.

Did I mention the mosquitoes? Talk about blood, sweat, and tears. Well not so much tears but those little bloodsuckers forced me to put on the only jacket I had on hand, a full on hooded puffy warm and toasty jacket. The hood was great to keep those buggers off my neck, but oh my, I think I may have sweated out an organ or two inside that little sauna.

Artwork Information:

Artwork Title: "In the Beginning"
Original Size: 12" x 12"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year Painted: 2017

Additional Artwork Information:

Method: Plein Air
Date Painted: 06/16/2017
Region: The California Coast > California's East Coast
Road Trip: East Coast Tour 2017

Artwork Logistics:

Hiking Terrain: Off Trail Wilderness Tromping
Biological Hazards: Mosquitoes
Anthropological Hazards: Other Painters
Temperature: Uncomfortably Warm

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