“Chromatic Water Theory V: Theory and Practice”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 18″ x 36″
Year: 2017

While rhythm is undoubtedly a universal element, music is the realm of humans. As such it’s not the perfections that make it speak to us so deeply, it’s the imperfections. Listen to a beat machine produce a synthetic rhythm, perfect in repetition, but void of life. Then listen to a human drummer, full of nuance and subtly placed mistiming, but always coming back to where they started, like water lifting and falling as waves pass through. In theory perfection is the goal, but in practice it’s the imperfection, the unpredictability, the deviations from the established patterns that remind us we are alive.

This painting is another reminder that every song has its roots in water.

This series was created live during the Redwood Coast Music Festival inside the Morris Graves Museum of Art. The overall concept of the series was to explore the connections between music and water, through a set of shared geometric structures.

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