“If These Walls Could Speak”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 10″
Year: 2018


It’s a busy spot. I wanted to paint from a higher vantage up on the new bike path, but due to the narrowness of the space I thought better of setting up there and having to suffer the wrath of irate spandex bikers- an easily annoyed species if there ever was one.

I ended up down below and this little driftwood shack ( a satellite shack from a much more complex and heavily used complex of impromptu structures) made for a nice contrast to the beachfront homes that line the shore here.

Then there’s the point itself, it was a small day, but not hard to recall better days with the walls wrapping down the point in a mesmerizing and machine like fashion.

The things these walls have seen. All of them. The stories could fill volumes.

They won’t be told here.

The walls themselves are the only story I saw today.

Oh and the squirrel that nabbed my trail mix from my bag… and the very oddly placed cooler full of Coronas that was set next to the driver door of my van when I returned. Was that intentional? No other cars in the lot. I figured if they were left accidentally, someone might return for them and be bummed to find them gone so I left them where they lie. But still… a nice gesture if it was meant to be one.

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