Eureka – Finding California

The Sea – part 5

Dark Nights.

To the sea.  It’s where people go when their world has gone dark before their eyes. Having nowhere else to turn, they turn to the blackness of the ocean, deep and dark enough to absorb any sorrowful soul that gazes out upon it.  Some, out of sorrow, are driven to its depths by their own choosing.  They never return.

Others are drawn to sea in their darkest hours seeking comfort. They find peace in the reminder of their own insignificance. When faced with an ocean large enough to contain every salty tear that has ever been shed, suddenly their problems just aren’t that big after all.

We spend our longest and darkest nights huddled up on the beach in solitude, trying to stay warm, waiting and hoping for a new day. We spend untold hours staring out at the horizon in times of sorrow and loss, looking for answers and though we find none there, we find peace all the same. They may be lonely times, but we are not alone.

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