Eureka – Finding California

The Road  – part 4

A Place Worth Going To.

After all the work and planning and sweat and blood it took to get here, he was happy to just sit on the grass at the base of the hill, and look out over the water watching waves march down the point one after another in an endless display hypnotic beauty.  He was done. He didn’t have it in him to move anymore, nor did he want to anyway.  This was as perfect a time and place as any he’d ever known.  How did he arrive at this place in life? There’s no road map to this state of mind.

He closed his eyes and just absorbed it.  He might have been stoned a little bit, it’s hard to say. But he sat there for a long time, perfectly quiet, just breathing.  At one point he sensed a presence around him, and he opened his eyes.  Surrounded by grazing deer, a mother and two calves, he was startled to see them, he hadn’t heard a thing.  They looked at him, aware that he had seen them, and continued to graze, completely unfazed.  He just sat in a daze.




And smiled.

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