“Bread and Butter”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 20″
Year: 2019


3rd painting from the second day of the three day US and THEM event featuring 4 out of town artists and 4 local artists painting the beautiful Trinidad coast. These scenes as beautiful as they are, are also pretty common here. I love to paint them, but sometimes it feels like a guilty indulgence. Inviting artists to paint alongside who’ve never seen this coast before is a fun way to see it anew, but still, when we pulled up to this scene (which I have painted several times before- and I’m a not a huge fan of such practices) my challenge was to find a different approach. In this case it was as simple as using my van’s roof deck to get just a bit more vertical stretch in the landscape and approach it as a vertical and let that lone tree really stand right up to the sky. The evening glow was just the inevitable bonus after finding a compositional approach that got me interested. And now I feel guilty in a different way- look at that beautiful coast! And here I am struggling to find interest? I might need to get my head checked.

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