Sea of Gold

Back when I began doing a lot of plein air work over 15 years ago, this was an early destination one spring while I was living in Southern California for a short time. I would spend the subsequent years developing my approach and focusing my art on the coastline (basically after a realization that painting on the coast meant I would have to spend a lot of time on the coast- not rocket science but it still took me years to see the beauty of that simple truth). So it was quite satisfying to return to this site and catch the tail end of a great season for California wildflowers.

Sea of Gold

Original Size: 20" x 16"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Year Painted: 2017

Additional Artwork Information:

Method: Plein Air
Date Painted: 04/25/2017
Region: Not the California Coast > Somewhere in California (Just not the Coast)
Road Trip: Southern California 2017

Artwork Logistics:

Parking Logistics: Paid Park Entrance Required
Miles Hiked: 2-4 Miles
Anthropological Hazards: Other Painters, Crowds with Lots of Questions
Weather Logistics: Painted in Full Sun with no Shade
Temperature: Cooking Hot

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