Plein Air Pricing

There’s a lot that goes into free range/outdoor/plein air painting. Awhile back I thought it would be fun to come up with a scale for adjusting the price of paintings based on the realities of the conditions one must deal with to haul one’s studio miles from home and sometimes miles from the nearest road. The outdoors bring a whole different set of occupational hazards that just aren’t present in the studio. If you were browsing my available original paintings you might have noticed some unusual pricing, well, this is how arrive at the cost of each free range/outdoor/plein air painting posted on this site. It’s all meant in fun and hopefully helps give an idea of what artists deal with to bring their visions back from the field for you to enjoy… and I hope that you do. Thanks!


Base Price:

  • $1 per square inch                       


Travel Costs:

  • Distance from Eureka, CA-  $0.25 per mile
  • Overnight travel required- $100
  • Sleeping in van required- $25
  • Tricky Urban van camping required- $25

On the Ground Logistics Costs:

  • Illegal/questionable parking required- $15
  • Parking ticket incurred- cost of ticket
  • Paid parking- cost of parking
  • Private Land with permission required (not your land)- $200
  • Gear transfer to jeep, boat, plane, (or other vehicle) required- $100
  • Hauling gear on foot from Van – $25 per mile
  • Trespassing required- $150
  • Fence hopping- $50
  • Barbed wire- $50
  • Blood- $25 per instance
    • Stitches required- $75 per stitch
  • Other Injuries incurred- cost of medical bill
  • Off trail wilderness tromping required-
    • Open terrain- $15
    • Climbing or otherwise vertical scrambling requiring use of hands- $25
    • Full on Bushwhacking- $75
  • Poison Oak observed- $5
    • Poison Oak incurred- $150
  • Ticks observed on clothing- $25
    • Tick bites- $150 each
  • Bee/wasp stings- $25 each
  • Wind speed- $10 per mile per hour over 10mph
  • Lack of shade- $50
  • Heat- $3 per degree (f) over/under 68 degrees
  • Excessive public conversations/distractions- $25 per question about whether I paint for a living or a hobby (or any variation of the theme)
  • Harassed by authorities and/or told to leave premises- $150
  • Previously painted locations- $50 per # of times previously painted ($100 max)


  • Able to paint view from back of the van – subtract $100
  • Private Land with permission required (your land)- subtract $200
  • Cold Beer delivered to location- subtract $50
  • Snacks delivered to location- subtract $25
  • Uncrowded, fun, surf at location before or after painting- subtract $50
  • Room and board for 1 week during a painting tour of your area- subtract everything, your painting is free.