Gallery Inventory of Limited Edition Canvas Prints

This is our current inventory on the walls inside the Matt Beard Art Gallery, our brick-and-mortar shop in Eureka, CA. We try to keep this list up to date, but things can get pretty busy down there from time to time so we need to confirm availability of these Limited Edition Canvas Prints before finalizing any purchases.


EASY as 1, 2, 3!

1. Browse the list and see the images with the VIEW links.
2. Send us an email inquiry from the links provided for each image. (click the green + if you don't see them)
3. We'll confirm availability and follow up for payment, shipping options, etc.

Better Deals!

Keeping the gallery stocked is much more efficient for us than when prints are ordered one at a time, and we often get a better deal from our printers when we order gallery stock in larger orders. That adds up to savings that we can pass along to you here.

Faster Delivery!

These Limited Edition Canvas Prints are already printed, framed with our rustic wood edge, and hanging on the wall. That means they are also ready to ship (or be picked up from the gallery) right away instead of their usual 2-3 week turnaround time.

(w x h)
Afternoon Fog Bank20" x 16"$246$225Contact for details:
Anything but Silent12" x 12"$124$115Contact for details:
Bending Lines13" x 16"$179$125Contact for details:
Better Places24" x 12"$222$195Contact for details:
Bird's Eye View 20" x 16"$246$225Contact for details:
Bread and Butter16" x 20"$246$225Contact for details:
CA Responding to a Global Crisis15" x 12"$155$135Contact for details:
Chromatic Water Theory #13: Abstract Jazz16" x 24"$296$265Contact for details:
Crossing Lines12" x 16"$165$145Contact for details:
Dance of Days16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Down by the River30" x 15"$347$315Contact for details:
Dust and Ashes30" x 15"$347$315Contact for details:
Ephemeral Records13" x 16"$179$165Contact for details:
Everyone is Listening20" x 16"$246$225Contact for details:
Geological Chess: The King and the Rookery16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Hole in the Fence16" x 12"$165$125Contact for details:
Isthmus Interrupted20" x 25"$385$345Contact for details:
It's Never Like This16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Lost... or Just Displaced13" x 16"$179$165Contact for details:
May Grays16" x 13"$179$125Contact for details:
Mine or Maybe Yours20" x 16"$246$225Contact for details:
Mist and Light20" x 16"$246$225Contact for details:
Modern Lines13" x 13"$145$135Contact for details:
Moment of Clarity13" x 13"$145$135Contact for details:
More or Less16" x 13"$179$125Contact for details:
Morning Glory12" x 16"$165$145Contact for details:
Morning Rollers10" x 20"$172$155Contact for details:
Needle in a Haystack16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Negative Donut13" x 16"$179$165Contact for details:
New Every Morning10" x 20"$172$155Contact for details:
No Mere Maid13" x 16"$179$165Contact for details:
Not Exactly No12" x 15"$155$135Contact for details:
Nothing to Get Mad About36" x 18"$434$395Contact for details:
Number 915" x 12"$155$135Contact for details:
Off in the Distance16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Pale Blue Eyes16" x 12"$165$145Contact for details:
Poppies and Pointbreaks14" x 35"$377$335Contact for details:
Postcard from Paradise16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Precipice16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Pretty Much Flapjacks16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Rags to Riches16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Right Before Breakfast16" x 12"$165$125Contact for details:
Right Before Dinner20" x 16"$246$225Contact for details:
Right Before Lunch20" x 16"$246$225Contact for details:
Sabbath Day16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Say Nothing24" x 16"$296$265Contact for details:
Short Lived Blues16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Soaring with Griffin16" x 13"$179$125Contact for details:
Summer in April12" x 24"$222$195Contact for details:
Tall Cold One12" x 36"$333$295Contact for details:
The Blessing of the Fleet36" x 18"$434$395Contact for details:
The Brighter Side of Widowhood16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
The Entry Way20" x 16"$246$225Contact for details:
The Light at the End12" x 12"$124$115Contact for details:
This Will Never Shut Down16" x 13"$179$165Contact for details:
Twenty-twenty-one18" x 18"$249$225Contact for details:
Twentytwenty36" x 18"$434$395Contact for details:
Waiting for His Master24" x 16"$296$265Contact for details:
Waxing Moon36" x 12"$333$295Contact for details:
Wedding Rock20" x 15"$231$205Contact for details:
Where it Wishes24" x 16"$296$265Contact for details:
Yield for Tractor12" x 12"$124$115Contact for details:

If the SEND INQUIRY links beneath each title aren't working for you, feel free to shoot us an email through our Contact Form here, just be sure to let us know which title and size you're looking for.

Holler with any questions at all, we're happy to help!