Gift Certificates

Matt Beard Art - Gift Certificates

Art is a great choice for a gift, although sometimes choosing just which piece of art to give can be a tough decision... but it doesn't have to be! By giving them a Gift Certificate for this site you've already made the simple choice to give them art, putting over 700 works of art at the tip of their clicky fingers. See? It's easy!

The Fine Print:

Patience. There's a bit of manual effort in setting up these certificates, so bear with us if you don't hear back immediately. We make every effort to provide the eCertificate code as quickly as possible (usually within 24 hours).

Expiration. We know you want to see this certificate get used and not simply forgotten and placed on your busy friend's back-burner, so we do allow these certificates to expire in 3 months to create a bit of urgency and ensure their use. We're happy to grant the recipient more time as needed though.

Restrictions. All certificates may be used for any purchase made through this website. The Matt Beard Art Gallery in Eureka operates on a different model and unfortunately cannot accept certificates at this time. Thanks for understanding.

No Refunds. This code generated will be a one-time use code. If the recipient uses the code for a purchase of a lesser amount, a new code will be generated and provided upon request for any balance remaining over $10.

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