Pure Joy

6-foundI saw it out of the corner of my eye while on my way home from visiting some family in Los Angeles. I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Pulling over immediately, I knew this board was put there just for me. It was only weeks after the painful loss of my beloved blue single-fin, and here I was now holding another single-fin from the same era over some trash cans in a Los Angeles area suburb. It had certainly seen better days. It was all patched with bondo which had shrank and cracked. It was terribly lumpy with way too much exposed brown foam for its own good. It was no wonder someone decided to throw it away, this was years and years before these boards were even slightly appreciated. But on the deck of this green relic were these two words, in a bright red block letters, PURE JOY. As soon as I had read those words, I believed them. And with the words in my heart and the board in my van, I headed for home.

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