15 Years of Artwork. One Book.

Painting the California Coast: Volume One
by Matt Beard
Published by Noví Albion Publishing

I’ve been working on this book for over a decade. After years of slowly working toward my long term goal of painting the entire California coast, I’ve realized that it’s going to take a lifetime, and even then I will never be truly “finished”. But hey, even though there will always be more work to do, I have already painted a wide range locations in every coastal county of the state and at last I am going to release a large collection of my favorite pieces in this first volume of my life’s work.

But it’s more than just a book of art. Every painting has a story to tell; fences hopped, encounters with friendly locals, battles with nature itself while attempting to paint out on the edge of a cliff in the wind and against all better judgement. These are the stories of real places. They can’t always be told through art alone, and they certainly can’t be conveyed in a gallery show (who reads anything in a gallery?). To put it simply, this book is, without a doubt, the fullest expression of the artwork I’ve created over the last 15 years. I hope you all dig it.

At a Glance:  

  • 176 Pages!  
  • Over 2 lbs!  
  • 157gsm (135 lb.) Luxurious Heavyweight Art Paper  
  • 100+ Paintings  
  • Hardbound Cover  
  • Protective Cardstock Slipcase (NO PLASTIC WRAPPING!)  
  • Foreward by Chris Ahrens  
  • Estimated delivery date: November 2018 

Pre-orders will be accepted from April 22-May22 
Pre-order pricing: $50

Expected retail price: $60

If you're interested in owning a copy of this limited first edition for yourself, please contact me through this site and let me know and I'll notify you personally as soon as they are available for pre-ordering so you can get first dibs on any early bird/limited deals, collector's editions, etc. that we may be able to offer. 


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