Available California Coast Originals




3 days of work from 8 artists (and a few special guests) completed along the Trinidad Coast from August 28-30, 2019.

US: Jim McVicker, Ken Jarvela, Steve Taylor, and Matt Beard

THEM: Jeff Yeomans, Norm Daniels, Greg Gorgas, and Wade Koniakowsky Special guests (one painting from each): Stock Schlueter, Shawn Griggs, Ryan Jensen This collection is currently showing at the Matt Beard Art Gallery in Eureka throughout the month of September. Gallery is located at 1636 F St. Hours are M-F 9-530. All artwork is available for purchase. Contact to confirm availability. Shipping options are available.

We'll do our best to keep this collection up to date, but please contact us first to confirm availability and we can sort out the details from there. Please state the title and artist of the piece you're interested in and we'll get back to you, (usually within the day).

*taxes and shipping may apply

See Something You Like?

These are all of my currently available original works. If it's not showing here, it's already sold. Let us know if anything here is calling your name and claim it for yourself before it's gone. 

About Pricing My Art

First off, you should know that all prices include a simple rustic redwood lath frame tacked onto the canvas stretcher bars.  Other options available on request.

Tax and shipping will be additional if needed. (most paintings ship for $25)


But why are the prices so odd?  $274? $491?  What gives, you ask?  We're glad you did. There's a lot of factors that make up the prices you see here.

Looking for Something Else?

Consider commissioning an original painting of the location of your choice on the California coast. 

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