An Ulterior Motive

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It’s true, I do have an ulterior motive driving my work to a certain degree… Why travel up and down the California coast over and over again painting along these shores?  Because of the simple joy these photos represent.  When I got into making art I tried a lot of different directions, but as in writing where the best advice is to simply write what you know, so it is with art. The hunt for a fun wave has kept me looking around corners and driving down dirt roads in this state for as long as I can remember, absorbing the beauty of it all along the way. This is what I know. Consider these blurry snapshots a behind the scenes look at one reason why my art is what it is today…

original photos by: Pierce, Jerry, Marie, Tim, Darren, Acacia, Mike, Amie & maybe some others- in no particular order, but thanks to all for your efforts.

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