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Trial by Fire IV
15" x 15"
Painted live on Friday May 7, 2020 with Paolo Sgallini streaming live from Italy⠀

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Bidding closes Saturday @7:30pm

Winning bid will be split between myself and Paolo, but my portion will be donated to for victims of California’s wildfires.

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California is my home. For over 15 years I've been working toward painting the entire coastline of this beautiful state. I'm getting there, but it's a slow and winding road... and sometimes it's no road at all.

I spend weeks at a time on the road, living out of my van to explore the nooks and coves I've not yet seen. I've painted from boats, climbed on rooftops, crawled over locked gates, edged between barbed wire, suffered the nuisance of ticks, poison oak, biting ants, high winds...  you get the idea. All of this to bring to you this vision of California.

-Matt Beard