“Meet Me in St. Louis” $562

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 12″
Year: 2019

Price: $562
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Matt Beard Art- Plein Air Original Painting Documentation

Artwork Title: Meet Me in Saint Louis

Price Breakdown:

Base Price:
$240 – ($1.25 per square inch)

$151.5 – Approximate distance from Eureka, CA ($0.3 per mile)
$50 – Overnight Travel
$25 – Sleeping in Van
$0 – Tricky Urban Camping

On the Ground Logistics:
$0 – Paid Parking
$0 – Illegal or Questionable Parking Required: Nope
$0 – Parking Ticket or Citation Issued

$0 – Painted from Roof of Van (that platform wasn’t cheap)

$0 – Painted from Private Land: No
$0 – Posted ‘No Trespassing’
$0 – Harassed by Authorities/Told to Leave
$0 – Citation for Trespassing Issued
$0 – Fence/Gate Hopping
$0 – Barbed Wire
$0 – Blood

$66 – Hauling Gear on Foot ($30 per mile)
$0 – Off Trail Wilderness Tromping
$0 – Climbing or Vertical Scrambling Requiring Use of Hands: None
$0 – Full On Bushwhacking: None

$0 – Poison Oak Observed: None
$0 – Bee/Wasp/Other Painful Insect Bites ($15 each)
$0 – Mosquitoes: None
$0 – Ticks Observed on Skin or Clothing: None
$0 – Tick Bites ($125 each!!)

$30 – Wind ($2 per mph)
$50 – Shade/Sun: Cooking in the Hot Sun
$0 – Heat/Cold ($1.5 per degree farhenheit above/below 65)
$-25 – Crowds/Questions/Human Element: Distracting, but Nice

$-75 – Sustenance Provided by Others Before, During or After Painting: Cold Beer and Snacks
$0 – Fun Surf At Location Before, During, or After Painting: Nothing, if it looks good in the painting, I probably lied.

$50 – Other: Required paddling 2 miles with gear to access location

$562.5 – TOTAL COST


My friend Colleen Gnos is a great artist. You might want to check out her work sometime. She studied in Italy. There may be a theme developing here, but I’ll save that for another day. In the meantime it’s enough to let you know this painting could not have happened without Colleen. She generously agreed to provide kayaks and paddleboards and accompany Wade and I on a one-mile paddle to paint this beach that is generally only accessible by water. If you’re up to speed on your 1940’s film history (and I’m not) you might get the subtle references going on with this title- the family that is the subject of the film Meet Me in St. Louis shares the same name as the family that once built houses for themselves out on that small rock island just off the shore here. It doesn’t hurt that the whole area is named after another Saint by the same name as well. Offbeat and obscure coincidental poetry for sure. Back to this day, though- any day that involves hauling paint gear and returning with an artifact from the edge of a place that few painters would bother to venture with easels and paints is a good day in my book. Thanks Colleen!

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