Giving eGift Cards

Choosing which artwork to give to someone you love can be a tough decision, but it doesn't have to be. By giving them an eGift Card you've already made the simple choice to give them art, then let them make the hard part of the decision for themselves.


How do eGift Cards work?

  • The recipient of an eGift Card from Matt Beard Art will receive the card via email on the date you choose (it won't be immediate so you can keep the gift a surprise until the special day).
  • The eGift Card will contain a 16-digit redemption code that will be used to make payments, and.
  • The eGift Card can be used to order any print or original artwork offered on, however the recipient will need to contact us by email to place the order so that we can process the payment with the eGift Card's redemption code.
  • The eGift Card can also be used to order books though our online store here, where the redemption code can be entered directly at checkout.
  • eGift Card balances never expire, and can be checked anytime here.


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