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An Ulterior Motive

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It’s true, I do have an ulterior motive driving my work to a certain degree… Why travel up and down the California coast over and over again painting along these shores?  Because of the simple joy these photos represent.  When I got into making art I tried a lot of different directions, but as in writing where the best advice is to simply write what you know, so it is with art. The hunt for a fun wave has kept me looking around corners and driving down dirt roads in this state for as long as I can remember, absorbing the beauty of it all along the way. This is what I know. Consider these blurry snapshots a behind the scenes look at one reason why my art is what it is today…

original photos by: Pierce, Jerry, Marie, Tim, Darren, Acacia, Mike, Amie & maybe some others- in no particular order, but thanks to all for your efforts.

SDSFF 2017 Skip Frye Tribute: The Glider

This year the San Diego Surf Film Festival hosted a heartfelt tribute night to San Diego’s Skip Frye, who has been building beautiful boards and outsurfing everyone for over 50 years. The hall was packed with legends of the surfing world there to honor Skip with the SDSFF Lifetime Achievement Award. As each speaker stood to speak about Skip they would mention what an honor it was to honor such an inspiring individual. If they could have read the mind of the painter standing in the back of the hall busy crafting this visual tribute to Skip based on an old Ron Stoner photograph, they would have seen that there was nobody in the room that felt more unworthy of the honor of being there than him. Of all the amazing artists in San Diego, this fuzzy kid from Humboldt rolls down and is asked to perform his trade for the audience to admire, heckle, mock, or cheer (all of which happened in spades). Beyond stoked. This one was for Skip.

Live Art @ SDSFF 2015 Farm to Table Closeout Party

Like Water @ Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco

Solo Show: 6831 Neptune Place, Windansea, CA

Live at Highline Festival with Tom Curren and Matt Costa

NYE @ Arcata Theatre Lounge


Board Art Benefit Show @ Driftwood Salon, San Francisco

Solo Show: Surfing Heritage & Culture Center

Studio Portraits

Bio  |  Macaroni  |  Publications  |  Press & Unpress  |  Studio Portraits  |  An Ulterior Motive




















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