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Painting on location across the California coast, accessed by van, by foot, and sometimes by boat.

Free Range: The Island of Bearded People

2 days on an island. 10.2 miles on foot. 33 miles in the back of a truck. 59 miles by boat. 5 paintings completed. 4 paintings I can show here. 1 painting that might get me in trouble one day. 1 awesome team of 18 folks from the California Coastal Commission that graciously allowed me to tag along on their weekend trip. 1 of the best guides anyone could ever ask for who’s lived on the island for over 50 years to show us around.  1 old map made in the 1600’s called this the Island of Bearded People. 1 artist with a beard just smiled.


Free Range: “Maycember” 2019

30 days away from home.  Stayed at 11 different homes. Slept in the van 4 times. Painted 33 paintings (3 of them got away). 3,277.7 miles by car. 4.7 miles on a bike. 27.2 miles on foot. 5 slow mornings drinking extra cups of coffee waiting for the rain to stop. 11 paintings completed under the threat of rain. 4 times I held my ground painting about 5 feet from a passing Amtrak train. 1 time I got a good talking-to for standing so close to the tracks. 6 views painted from private property (all with permission). 7 paintings completed from the roof of my van. 1 late night collaborative painting of a friend’s cat (not shown).

Free Range: March 2019

12 days. 18 paintings. 49 miles hiked.  110 miles in a boat.  5 nights on an island. 2 creek crossings that required carrying borrowed waders for 2 miles on one hike. 3 passing showers I narrowly managed to dodge. 1 long downpour that soaked me to the bone all 3 miles back to the cabin. 1 tick seen. 29 miles hiked on an island without seeing a single human. 5 miles hiked among the poppies on the mainland with every other human on earth.

Free Range: A Bit Farther Out (mostly) 2018

11 days. 22 paintings. 27 miles hiked. 5 paintings completed in one day. 8 of them on an island. 2 nights in the van in awkward locations. 1 bird landed on my palette in the middle of the last painting. 1 cooler full of beers found right beside the to the door of my van in an otherwise empty carpark. 1 time I felt like telling a park ranger what-for, but refrained.

Free Range: Southern California – May 2018

12 days. 13 paintings. 4 times broke state park rules. 1 time got caught. 1 time circled by military helicopter but didn’t have to hide, just smiled and waved. 1 painting cut short by rain. 1 morning with unlimited donuts on the beach. 3 days in paradise on my way home.

Free Range: SF/San Mateo 2017

8 days. 1 bad head cold. 2 rainy summer days. 2 busted easels. 1 busted wetsuit zipper. 1 painting that blew off the easel and hit me in the face before nearly flying away. 1 odd conversation with the police. 1 gnarly lightning storm.  11 paintings.

Free Range: South Central Coast 2017

8 days.  16 paintings.

Free Range: Mendocino/Sonoma 2017

8 days. 8 dodgy parking situations. 4 tresspassings. 2 lengthy discussions with the authorities. 1 “VEHICLE IMMOBILIZATION AND NOTICE OF ARREST NOTICE”. Zero tick bites! 23 paintings.

Free Range: East Coast* Tour 2017

6 days.  2 laps around the lake. 1 trip up a mountain in a gondola. At least one van wheel witnessed completely off the ground after an unexpected “bump” in the road. Zero injuries.  10 paintings. 1 sold out show.

*East coast, as in Lake Tahoe. It’s the east coast of California anyway…

Free Range: SoCal Road Trip Spring 2017

22 days. 1 San Diego Surf Film Festival. 1 Boardroom Surfboard Show. 1 Expression Session Art and Surf Invitational. 23 paintings. 1 brush with the law.

“Free Range: Orange County Winter 2017

7 days. 2.5 days of rain. $26.75 paid to parking meters. 9 Paintings created on one road trip.

Free Range: Santa Cruz 2016

12 days. 1 Parking Ticket. 18 Paintings created on one road trip.

Free Range: Santa Barbara/Ventura 2016

13 days. 3 separate wildfires. 19 paintings.

Free Range: Marin 2016

5 days. 8 paintings.

Free Range: San Diego 2016

12 days. 1 massive film festival. 1 surfboard tradeshow. 1 art and surf invitational event. 12 paintings. 1 Sold out show.

Free Range: California 2015

23 days. 1499.6 miles. 33 paintings created on one road trip.

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