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6-9pm Saturday, August 31
Matt Beard Art Gallery
1636 F St, Eureka
(Inside Eureka art and Frame Co, same building as Brick and Fire Bistro)

What happens when you take 4 artists that have never set foot in Humboldt County, and place them on Trinidad’s scenic drive for three days and tell them to paint as much as they can?  Probably an argument, or a corny joke, or possibly both. But after that you get to see our beautiful coast through fresh eyes. And what if 4 local artists joined them who collectively have painted that stretch of coast more times than most can count? Well, then you get US and THEM, a unique art show set to take place at the Matt Beard Art Gallery in Eureka.

Local plein air artist Matt Beard is behind this experiment, inviting a group of artists up from San Diego that he has worked with many times over the last several years during his visits to their area. They are Jeff Yeomans, Norm Daniels, Wade Koniakowsky and Greg Gorgas. Welcoming them from Humboldt County and painting alongside the group will be established local artists Jim McVicker, Ken Jarvela, and Steve Taylor.

After three busy days of painting, the finished work from the invited artists will be hung at Matt Beard’s gallery at 1636 F St in Eureka (inside Eureka Art and Frame, same building as Brick and Fire Bistro). A reception for the artists will be held from 6-9pm on Saturday August 31. There is no cost to attend and snacks and light beverages will be provided. The visiting artists leave town the next morning, so don’t miss this chance to see their work, connect in person, and hear what they thought of their brief visit to Humboldt.

The work will remain up for viewing through the month of September.  Collectors may contact Matt Beard about previewing the work prior to the opening reception at 707-440-9375

Ok, but what’s with the donuts?  Nothing much. Matt Beard put the graphics together and he happens to enjoy an occasional donut with friends. It’s just an art show. Really.

All local artists are welcome to join in the painting sessions, though no schedule will be announced -just look for 5 to 8 painters clustered along the coast between Moonstone Beach and Patrick’s Point on any given day from August 28-30.  While not required, it is strongly encouraged that visitors bring donuts and/or coffee in the mornings, and cold beer in the afternoons. 


Jim McVicker

Jim has been painting plein air landscapes with a feel for nature and light like no other for as long as I’ve known of him. He’s one of those rare artists that could be dropped anywhere on earth with his easel and find inspiration to create a masterful painting in whichever direction he faced.  I’ve never known Jim to attempt to paint within any rigid style, he simply responds to the landscape before him afresh each time. And the results speak for themselves.


Ken Jarvela

In my mind Ken Jarvela is a true living legend. I’ve spent years refining my process and hunting scenes that are a bit further out than most painters would bother to venture with a full painting setup. Ken makes me look like a lazy tourist that won’t even get out of their car to take a selfie. Miles, days, and weeks on end spent in Humboldt county’s high country, leap frogging multiple packs around this lonely rugged terrain, surviving unexpected snowstorms, improvising a dark paint from the charcoal of last nights campfire, being stalked by confused mountain lions who’ve never seen this particular species of human in their country, often with his cat for his only companion. Ken is the real deal, and he paints with a passion unrivaled by anyone.


Steve Taylor

Steve is a long time friend. Always a creative soul with a lifelong background in carpentry, the ability to craft something beautiful with his hands and follow through in bringing a vision to reality is simply part of who he is. When he took up painting just a few years ago, I knew he would have no trouble finding his way, and its amazing to see the rate at which he’s progressed.  Many artists who paint outdoors feel locked in by what they see before them, but Steve is one of those that understands the task of the artist is not simple record what is seen, but to build a painting worth viewing in the process. Good on ya, Steve!


Matt Beard

Well, yeah I’m part of this thing too. But you knew that. What you might not realize is that this is the first show I’ve ever hosted at my gallery involving other artists. I tend to cram my walls with art yearround, a hodgepodge mix of prints and originals, best-sellers and recent oddities. There’s never a whole lot of rhyme or reason to it, I just want folks who go out of their way to visit my space to not leave wondering what else they might have seen.  But for this show, and this show only, I’m taking it all down. The only art on display will be art that was made over the three days with this group.  I imagine there will be groupings of similar scenes and vantage points as translated through each artists individual approach. Should be fascinating and to say that I’m honored to host these guys is an understatement.


Jeff Yeomans

I’ve loved Jeff’s work for years and I was a big fan long before I ever met him in person. Painting alongside him at various events over the years in San Diego has been a high honor. You know how sometimes you can meet a hero and then they turn out to be a big jerk? Not with Jeff. A great guy, a great sport, a solid approach to painting without any sense of outsized ego. I learn a lot from Jeff every time I paint with him. I can’t wait to see how he approaches our local coastline.


Norm Daniels

Norm is one of the most amazing people I know. While sheepishly cracking jokes and talking himself down, he’ll sneak up and paint masterpieces, then proceed to tell you why he doesn’t think they’re any good. He’s not fishing for compliments either. He is just a truly humble human being with a great sense of humor and an even greater talent with a paintbrush.  About 5 years ago, Norm and Wade invited me to tag along with them and do some plein air painting on a crystal clear day in La Jolla. I had no gear with me and ended up crouching on the ground uncomfortably to paint, but that day re-ignited my joy for painting outdoors and I haven’t looked back since.  Thanks Norm!


Wade Koniakowsky

I’ve painted with Wade more than anyone other artist I can think of, which really isn’t all that much. I just don’t often seek company while painting. But he’s been a great friend and paint companion over the years. His approach is different than mine in the field and I think we both puzzle over each other’s methods, and push and inspire one another as well. Wade spends a lot more time painting in the studio than I do, exploring several different ocean related themes in his art. One of my favorites is when he just paints waves- rugged, chaotic, and beautiful. They often remind me of our north coast ocean here.  I’m looking forward to seeing what inspires him when he sees our coast in person for the first time. Also looking forward to finally hosting a show with Wade after he’s hosted several shows for me over the years at his gallery in Solana Beach. Back at ya, Wade!

Greg Gorgas

Look at that painting!  Greg’s painted some great stuff in his day but life has a way of taking us different directions at times and these days I think it’s pretty safe to say Greg isn’t painting as much as he’d like to. All the more reason to look forward to turning him loose for three days surrounded by the beauty of Humboldt’s coast without the distractions of daily life. He’s also driving the other three up here in an extended cab Ford F350 dubbed the Beaver. That’s 4 artists sitting enclosed in a tight space while driving for 16 hours from San Diego to Humboldt. Oh my. Have mercy on his soul. By the time he’s done with this trip, he’ll be happy to be done with art for awhile I reckon.

Art for a Good Cause: A Collab with Jeff “Doc” Lausch

September 07, 2018
By Matt Beard
Surfboards on Parade 2018:
Final Auction: October 07, 2018

Lots of scattered thoughts on this one, not sure how to tie it all together… bear with me.

I’ve been surfing nearly all of my life, and painting nearly even longer. Back in 2011/2012 I had the idea to invite some of my favorite artists to team up with shapers and create unique art boards and sell or auction them to benefit SurfAid International. We called it the Board Art Benefit and to be honest it was really just a bit of a scheme to have some fun but we ended up raising over $30,000 for SurfAid by the time the dust settled. I was also an unlikely culprit to spearhead such an event, being that I’ve only painted a handful of boards in my life and prefer my boards to have no art on them. I truly see the surfboard as functional art already and when used for its highest purpose it is immersed in Creation itself and needs no further adornment.

After we concluded the Board Art Benefit, I was done with organizing artists. We’re nuts, in a good way of course, but still I was a  little burned out from all the work and effort. But I wasn’t done with using my art to raise money for nonprofits and great causes. I went on from that experience to launch AidCurrent (, an experimental online tool designed to track an artist’s fundraising efforts. Since I began using it in 2013, I’ve seen my art raise over $44,500 for over 70 different nonprofits.

When Surfboards on Parade began it was exciting to see someone taking the idea of surfboard art for a good cause to the next level. Many of the original artists and shapers from the Board Art Benefit were recruited from the start and produced amazing pieces for the event. In fact if you scroll their facebook photo feed, you’ll see the third photo they posted was actually a cropped flyer for the Board Art Benefit showing the original boards we made for our event. (Linky: I wasn’t asked to do a board at the time, but I was still proud to see the work going forward.

As the first Surfboards on Parade event unfolded, raising money to support Hoags’ Hospital Cancer Institute to further education and research for skin cancer, my sister was losing the final battle of her ten year war with skin cancer. We buried her body in Long Beach, CA not far from Huntington Beach where Surfboards on Parade took place.

Did I mention I grew up in Long Beach? The early years of my surfing life took root all over Orange County, from Seal Beach, to Huntington, to Newport, and beyond. I’d go wherever my older brother wanted to go. Surfside Jetty mostly. Or I’d lie to my folks and tell them I was riding my bike to the beach with a friend in order to go alone and find my own peak on the miles of empty stretches between the focal points of the piers and jetties and parking lots. This is where I fell in love with surfing marginal waves in total solitude.

No wonder then, that when I was 18 I went off to school as far from the metropolii of LA and Orange Counties, and fled north to the remote northern coast of Humboldt which is where I reside to this day. Since moving north 25 years ago I’ve pursued my path as an artist relentlessly and regular travels across the entire length of the state eventually became the foundation for my life’s work, painting the entire California coastline, from border to border.  At this point, I’ve painted over 500 paintings of the state’s coast with an average of less than 2 miles between each painting. A life of looking around the next bend in the coast for surf has led to a life of painting every bend in the coast that I can. California is my home. It’s what I know. So it’s also what I paint.

When I was asked this year to paint a board for Surfboards on Parade, it meant a lot to me on several levels. First, it meant the most to me to have this opportunity to honor my sister and use my art to battle the beast called cancer that stole her (and countless others) away from us far too soon. Secondly, for all the shows and events I’ve been part of all over California, this would be a homecoming of sorts- the first major show I’ve been part of along the stretch of coast that shaped my early surfing life. And thirdly, with my background organizing an event that was in many ways a precursor to Surfboards on Parade, returning as a participant is a true honor.

The next question after being asked to participate was what shaper would I work with. I have a tremendous respect for the art of shaping, and like I mentioned earlier I truly don’t think a surfboard needs “art” on it, it’s already a complete work of art. That said, this event was about painting a board so finding the right shaper to collaborate with was important. If I was going to paint a board, maybe only the 4th I’ve ever done (and possibly the last, who knows?), I knew I didn’t want to just paint any old board. I wanted to find a shaper who I could connect with and pursue a vision together.

I chose Jeff “Doc” Lausch to work with for a few reasons. He had done a board in our Board Art Benefit years ago with a different artist and I always appreciated that. But mostly I knew I wanted to work with a Huntington area shaper, and for years my brother ordered boards from him and we’d see him in the water from time to time so there was a personal connection as well. On top of that, he’s a true artist and had even done a board in the past for Surfboards on Parade as a shaper AND artist. Say no more. I was stoked to hear he was willing to work with me.

I wanted this board to be an homage to California, my home. I chose artwork that would epitomize two classic California elements: poppies, and pointbreaks. And since this year’s Surfboards on Parade event was being held in conjunction with the Surfing Walk of Fame, I compiled a list of previous inductees that were from California, and printed their names directly on the fiberglass that the board was glassed with before I painted it in order to highlight this state’s contribution to the sport and culture of surfing.

After the painting was completed the board was returned to Doc for a gloss coast, pin lines, and a hand-made glassed-on fin. The finished piece is ready to be ridden, and I hope it will be at least once. After all it’s a fully functional work of art already… it just happens to have a paint job under the glass.






“The East Coast of California” SOLD OUT SHOW @ BeardArt Gallery, Eureka, CA

It’s a bit awkward, but yes, this show is sold out before it even opened. We didn’t see it coming either…  Huge thanks to all who helped make this one happen.


SDSFF 2017 Skip Frye Tribute: The Glider

This year the San Diego Surf Film Festival hosted a heartfelt tribute night to San Diego’s Skip Frye, who has been building beautiful boards and outsurfing everyone for over 50 years. The hall was packed with legends of the surfing world there to honor Skip with the SDSFF Lifetime Achievement Award. As each speaker stood to speak about Skip they would mention what an honor it was to honor such an inspiring individual. If they could have read the mind of the painter standing in the back of the hall busy crafting this visual tribute to Skip based on an old Ron Stoner photograph, they would have seen that there was nobody in the room that felt more unworthy of the honor of being there than him. Of all the amazing artists in San Diego, this fuzzy kid from Humboldt rolls down and is asked to perform his trade for the audience to admire, heckle, mock, or cheer (all of which happened in spades). Beyond stoked. This one was for Skip.

Boardroom 2017 | Del Mar, CA | May 6-7

Boardroom Surfboard Show

An annual tradition for me, I'll be boothing out at the Boardroom again this year, slinging deals on 2 dimensional California real estate, amongst other things most likely. 

But surfboards, yeah, the best of the best are here. That's why I come to this thing, just a super fun time to geek out on what's going on the world of surfing and get to know the craftsmen & women that make the whole thing go round.

Hope you can make it, eh?

SDSFF 2017 Art and Surf Invitationals | May 13 | Cardiff, CA


Just north of Cardiff reef      Saturday,  may 13   9am -2pm

A dozen+ artists making art on the beach after a quick surf? Sign me up.

Will there be donuts? Yes, of course there will be donuts.

Jeff Yeomans • Fay Wyles • Norm Daniels • Bob Penuelas • Rick Rietveld • Colleen Gnos • Chris Potter • Jon Baker • Thomas Rogo • Nathan Gibbs • Harry Holiday • Andy maaybe Davis • Victoria Huff • Matt Beard • and more...


Each artist will produce a work of art, Plein air, or otherwise from start to finish on the beach. Heckling encouraged.


Each artist will need to go for a surf out front from 9-10 am or they will be disqualified. Drop-ins are welcome.


A gallery showing of work from these artists will take place through may at the Misfit Gallery at 565 Pearl St. in La Jolla.

3 Days : 7 Paintings | Live Art at the Redwood Coast Music Festival

March 31- April 2

During the upcoming Redwood Coast Music Festival, I will be creating art nearly nonstop at one of the venues, inside the Morris Graves Museum of Art.

"Chromatic Wave Theories"

I will be completing a new series of 7 paintings during the course of the event. Working nearly nonstop, and hopefully whenever there is music playing, I will be visually exploring the connections and parallels of sound and music to waves and water. 

Each painting produced will benefit a different local nonprofit:

• Humboldt Surfrider
• Friends of the Dunes
• Area 1 Agency on Aging
• Trinidad Coastal Land Trust
• Redwood Coast Music Festival
• ? Buyer's Choice!

While the paintings will be completed from start to finish at the event, they are available now to be pre-claimed at buy now prices with 50% donated to the nonprofit I've set as the beneficiary of each piece. 

“GROUNDWATER” @Morris Graves Museum of Art | March 31-April 29


In addition to creating a new series of work live during the Redwood Coast Music Festival at the Morris Graves Museum of Art, I will also be showing one of my favorite bodies of work in the Floyd Bettiga Gallery (downstairs from the main floor). 

My Insinuation Series explores the idea of using light and subtle contours of stylized water to suggest, or "insinuate" the presence of a looming wave without actually showing the wave form itself. A poetic treatment of one of my favorite subjects of all time.

I'll be sure to sneak a few other things in there too, just for fun...

Free Range: Santa Cruz

free-range-santa-cruz-lane-spSanta Cruz has always been a fun place to visit when touring the coast. The coastline of the town itself is full of character (and characters) and the stretch just north of town contains beauty unrivaled in California.

I’m looking forward to an extended visit to the area this fall, spending two weeks painting as much as humanly possible up and down the coast, in town and out of it, culminating in a 2 day showing of work at the Boardroom International Surfboard Show in Santa Cruz on October 8-9 to be held at the Kaiser Permanente Arena.

Free Range: Santa Barbara/Ventura 2016

13 days. 3 separate wildfires. 19 paintings.

Free Range: Marin 2016

5 days. 8 paintings.

Free Range: San Diego 2016

12 days. 1 massive film festival. 1 surfboard tradeshow. 1 art and surf invitational event. 12 paintings. 1 Sold out show.

“Expression Session”

expression session

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 12″
Year: 2016

Notes: This was my take on yesterday’s scene at the first ever SDSFF Art and Surf Invitational Expression Session down at Scripps pier. I dont think I’ve ever painted people painting before, but couldn’t resist this one. I was just so stoked to see all these great artist buddies painting, surfing, and generally finding excuses to eat another donut. Big loud thanks and hugs to all the artists and everyone who showed up to enjoy the scene. The vibe could not have been better. And also to the San Diego Surf Film Festival folks for letting me put this together and run with this one. Hoots and shakas all around.

Ripple: Group Show- New Orleans, LA


Pretty stoked to be part of this show in New Orleans, LA at the Graphite Gallery. Unfortunately I could not attend in person as New Orleans is east of the Sierra Nevada mountains range and my travels in that direction are severely challenged. The show, however, looked top notch with incredible art from a range of amazing artists.

I am humbled and honored to be involved with this group, and even more so to have my work, “Reclamation” chosen to  represent the group on the official show flyer. Huge thanks to my friend Kyle William Harper for curating this one and making it happen.

UPCOMING EVENT: Free Range San Diego Plein Air Tour


I'll be heading to San Diego as one of a handful of artists participating at the Boardroom International Surfboard Show and it would be a shame to leave right away with the San Diego Surf Film Festival kicking off the very next week. That leaves me with  some wide open days to fill however I wish...

What to do with all that downtime? Paint. That's what. Every day, like mad, all day. Where, you ask? Wherever you tell me. I'm taking orders and will attempt to fill everyone before I leave that town. If you've been itching to get your hands on an original plein air painting of your favorite piece of coast, now is the time to let me know.

16" x 20" - $650
12" x 16" - $500
12" x 12" - $350

UPCOMING EVENT: Expression Session- An Art and Surf Invitational | May 21, 2016


This should be interesting...


The surfy art events that I find myself in from time to time are always a great time to connect with other artists who share the ocean as a common inspiration. But since they are always held on land, and most often on the wrong side of the coast highway, art talk often fades to shop talk, which fades to business talk, and next thing you know someone's talking about someone else's money. It's awkward. Some artists seem to thrive on this sort of thing over cheese and crackers and wine and beers, but I've come to loathe it. Not that I'm above it, I just find myself wishing we could be anywhere but standing next to the food table talking about making sales.

So when my friends who run the San Diego Surf Film Festival asked me to come up with an art event to tie in to the festival this year I figured this would be a great chance to reclaim some of the stoke that got us all inspired to make the art we make in the first place. And thus was born...


Here we will gather all the outdoor artists we can muster on one beach to create art on location and require them to ride at least 3 waves each in order to show their work in the gallery show that will run throughout the San Diego Surf Film Festival. The public will be welcome to interact, heckle, surf with, snake, burn or otherwise interfere with their favorite artists all morning long on the north side of the Scripps pier on Saturday morning, May 21st. There should be donuts too.

UPCOMING EVENT: California Coast at the Boardroom | May 14-15


By far the largest collection of California Coastal art I've ever hung in one place. It's a big state...

Last summer I took a 3 week road trip down the entire California Coast, stopping to paint every 50 miles or so. It was a rather spontaneous trip and folks kept claiming them as I was posting them, so I never really had a show of them in Southern California, I just took them all home and shipped them all out.

To make up for it, I've gathered up all the California Coast art I could muster at once and made limited edition canvas prints of each, many for the first time ever, to display publicly for two days only at the Boardroom International Surfboard Show in Del Mar, CA on May 14 & 15. I've never put this much of my coastal work together in one place before.

Plus, these prints will be offered this weekend only at ridiculous tradeshow special prices, and if the one you're after is sold, I'll be taking discounted orders as well. But you have to be there in person! Come take a look and say hi! I don't know my booth number, but it's worth walking the whole show anyway, there's a lot of great people and things to see in there every year.

Starting from Scratch – March 18 – April 16


Misfit HQ
565 Pearl St.
La Jolla, 92037

25 paintings from start to finish in the gallery in one week? I look forward to seeing how this goes. I've been wanting to do a show like this for awhile now, and I'm stoked the folks at Misfit Pictures were game to let me take a swing at it in their brand new gallery/headquarters in La Jolla, CA. 

During one frantic week in the new gallery I will be painting ten 30" x 30", five 20" x 20", and ten 10" x 10" original paintings. There will be tacos, donuts, beers, drums, friends, enemies, skateboards, and possibly even parakeets.**  Stop in during the course of the week to check out the work in progress, or just wait to see them all finished at the opening reception on March 25 ...times and more details coming real soon.

Super Complicated Pricing:

Blind Faith Commitment (available until March 18): 30x30 canvas - $950   | 20x20 canvas - $550 | 10x10 canvas - $348
Work in Progress Special (available March 19-24): 30x30 canvas - $1250 | 20x20 canvas - $650 | 10x10 canvas - $349
Finished Work (available March 25): 30x30 canvas - $1500 | 20x20 canvas - $750 | 10x10 canvas - $350

First come, first serve, quantities limited. Contact Pierce or Petra Kavanagh for purchase inquiries.


**bring your own tacos, donuts and beers... and friends... and skateboards... and parakeets... don't worry about bringing your enemies, that could be awkward).


Show Updates:

Stay posted...

Musarity. Yep. Musarity: Music, Art & Charity | Nov. 6, 2015


Looking forward to a fun night at Redwood Curtain Brewery in Arcata on Nov. 6, 2015.  This event was organized by the folks at the Neighborhood Board Shop and is all about bringing musicians, artists, and communities together to do a bit of good for others.

I don't know about you, but that strikes a chord with me. Check this out:  See what I mean?  Double stoked that the event will include my buddy Spencer Reynolds who so far is the only other artist on board with the art-for-non-profit site. I'll add others soon enough, but I'm hoping the tag-team live art we create raises a few dollars for Food For People so he can replace those goose eggs in his fundraising totals.

So yeah, live art, did I mention that?  This will be a collaborative effort between myself and Spencer Reynolds. We've never tag teamed a painting togother before so I'm super stoked and looking forward to seeing where it goes. We'll be switching off with each beer. What can go wrong?


The event will be held on Friday, Nov 6th. Event patrons are requested to bring a minimum of one can of food as admission to the show. The canned food will be donated to Food for the People, a Humboldt County food bank.

Where: Redwood Curtain Brewery 550 South G St #4 Arcata, CA. 95521 707-826-7222

When: Friday, Nov 6th 5pm - Midnight

Admission;  Minimum, 1 Can of food per person that will be donated to Food for the People

Music by: The Absynth Quintet,  The Good Sam’s

Art by: Matt Beard, Spencer Reynolds, Matt Obrien

Shapers: Kalu Coletta, Brian Kang

Live Art @ SDSFF 2015 Farm to Table Closeout Party

Like Water @ Great Highway Gallery, San Francisco

Solo Show: 6831 Neptune Place, Windansea, CA

Live at Highline Festival with Tom Curren and Matt Costa

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