Santa Barbara

When Spain ruled the Californias, much of its land was granted to prominent Spaniards after the Missions were no longer in use, and those grants were honored when California became part of the US in 1848. After years of drought many of these large ranchos suffered such financial loss that they sold off portions of their holdings to remain viable. I have a friend whose family purchased one of these smaller ranchos on the Santa Barbara coast in 1866. His family (12th generation?) lives there to this day. This just goes to show that there might not be a nicer place on earth than the coast of Santa Barbara. The Chumash people arrived here on a rainbow from Santa Cruz Island. Those that came later arrived by boat, horseback, wagons, trains, cars, trucks, planes, all that… I usually approach it by van myself. But it doesn’t matter how you get here, once you find yourself here, you don’t really want to leave.