Orange County

I was born in Orange County and grew up on its beaches. The early years of my surfing life took root up and down this coast. By the time I was 12 or 13 years old I’d lie to my folks and tell them I was riding my bike the 7 or 8 miles to the beach with a friend so that I could go alone and find my own peak 15 miles further down on the empty stretches between the focal points of the piers and jetties and parking lots. This is where I fell in love with surfing marginal waves in total solitude. No wonder then, that when I was 18 I went off to school as far from the metropolii of LA and Orange Counties as I could, and fled north to the remote northern coast of Humboldt which is where I reside to this day – but that’s another story. These paintings are, without getting too personal, a look at the coast that shaped my first love for the sea.