“A Pier Then Disappear”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019

Back to the Italian dairy farms that took root here in 1860’s…  I painted this small dairy farm building one afternoon from beside an old ranch house where a not-so-Italian friend of Wade’s was living. Another not-so-Italian fellow had long ago purchased this land and setup operations here back in 1867. He first lived in the small ranch house set in this picturesque valley, and began overseeing the dairy operations behind the house with a mind toward something bigger than the dairy. A former ship captain himself, his interest was in shipping and commerce and not long after settling here, he built the town’s pier straight down from this dairy (along with a fancy new house right beside the pier that still stands today as a landmark that leaves the small ranch house and its dairy in its historical shadow). You can’t see the ocean or the pier from here anymore, the new coast highway has been laid on an embankment built across the valley, separating it from the coast from this small dairy farm that has long since ceased dairy operations altogether. But their past’s are inextricably linked together. The isolation provided by the highway severing this ranch from the small town has also helped to preserve this piece of history. On this bright summer afternoon I couldn’t resist attempting to tell its story. I’m sure I botched parts of it, but I tried to keep it straight.

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