UPCOMING EVENT: Expression Session- An Art and Surf Invitational | May 21, 2016


This should be interesting...


The surfy art events that I find myself in from time to time are always a great time to connect with other artists who share the ocean as a common inspiration. But since they are always held on land, and most often on the wrong side of the coast highway, art talk often fades to shop talk, which fades to business talk, and next thing you know someone's talking about someone else's money. It's awkward. Some artists seem to thrive on this sort of thing over cheese and crackers and wine and beers, but I've come to loathe it. Not that I'm above it, I just find myself wishing we could be anywhere but standing next to the food table talking about making sales.

So when my friends who run the San Diego Surf Film Festival asked me to come up with an art event to tie in to the festival this year I figured this would be a great chance to reclaim some of the stoke that got us all inspired to make the art we make in the first place. And thus was born...


Here we will gather all the outdoor artists we can muster on one beach to create art on location and require them to ride at least 3 waves each in order to show their work in the gallery show that will run throughout the San Diego Surf Film Festival. The public will be welcome to interact, heckle, surf with, snake, burn or otherwise interfere with their favorite artists all morning long on the north side of the Scripps pier on Saturday morning, May 21st. There should be donuts too.

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