Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2017

3rd day on the road, 8th painting completed, 2nd one this day

Well “Untouched” may be a misnomer, this place has seen a lot of action being as close as it is to town. That said, it’s been amazingly spared from development and remains an unconsumed and pristine open space. A refuge for many from the trials of small town life.

She was dark and gray today, that open space expanding to the point where you feel you don’t belong, no one belongs. Like the earth there is unsure of her beauty and just wants to be alone. The footpaths in the meadows yearn for healing, and are in the process now, but the scars run too deep. They will not heal before the sun returns and brings the wounded from town back to these paths in search of joys, wonders, stoke and revelries.

She will open up to them, soothe them, give of herself for their betterment. But she will let not let them have her, she will send them all back after their brief dance. Some will return smiling, some in tears, but all will be changed by their encounter in some way.

On days like this, when she is dark and gray, she is also happy. It is these days she can be herself and wait upon her own healing. These are her sanctuary times, and they usually only come on moonless nights. Here on these dark days she can see herself better and she knows beyond the doubt of night that indeed she is beautiful.

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