“Trust the Process”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 30″ x  24″
Year: 2018

Notes: Painted live to the music of the Sand Fleas at a benefit for the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust. They’d invited a handful of plein air painters to paint at the event. As the sun went down and the music picked up, I began this larger live piece as a loose sketch of the band playing music. Before I knew it, I’d shoved a wet brush in Andrew Daniel’s hand and turned him loose. Then did the same with Paul Rickard, whose grimace seemed to suggest an utter disdain for acrylic paint. Roody dooody do, Paul.  The music kept flowing and looking at the painting while the guys painted on it, I realized we’d taken a wrong turn for a live painting and needed to get away from trying to represent the scene in front of us and just have fun. Collectively we were doing no justice to the figures or the instruments. We were just drinking beer and painting a progressively more awkward painting together. So the ship changed course and we ended up with this instead. Sometimes live art is just about trusting the process.

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