“No Harm, No Foul” $595

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019

Price: $595
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Matt Beard Art- Plein Air Original Painting Documentation
Price Breakdown:

Base Price:
$180 – ($1.25 per square inch)

$228 – Approximate distance from Eureka, CA ($0.3 per mile)
$50 – Overnight Travel
$0 – Sleeping in Van
$0 – Tricky Urban Camping

On the Ground Logistics:
$0 – Paid Parking
$0 – Illegal or Questionable Parking Required: Nope
$0 – Parking Ticket or Citation Issued

$0 – Painted from Roof of Van (that platform wasn’t cheap)

$0 – Painted from Private Land: No
$0 – Posted ‘No Trespassing’
$75 – Harrassed by Authorities/Told to Leave
$0 – Citation for Tresspassing Issued
$0 – Fence/Gate Hopping
$0 – Barbed Wire
$0 – Blood

$45 – Hauling Gear on Foot ($30 per mile)
$0 – Off Trail Wilderness Tromping
$0 – Climbing or Vertical Scrambling Requiring Use of Hands: None
$0 – Full On Bushwhacking: None

$0 – Poison Oak Observed: None
$0 – Bee/Wasp/Other Painful Insect Bites ($15 each)
$0 – Mosquitoes: None
$0 – Ticks Observed on Skin or Clothing: None
$0 – Tick Bites ($125 each!!)

$16 – Wind ($2 per mph)
$0 – Shade/Sun: Mostly Overcast
$1.5 – Heat/Cold ($1.5 per degree farhenheit above/below 65)
$0 – Crowds/Questions/Human Element: Nice and Quiet

$0 – Sustenance Provided by Others Before, During or After Painting: Nadda
$0 – Fun Surf At Location Before, During, or After Painting: Nothing, if it looks good in the painting, I probably lied.

$ – Other:

$595.5 – TOTAL COST

I was thinking this would be a simple little painting to start my day. It was in some ways. But it was also a bit nerve-wracking. Nestled between boulders I painted the morning away, and marveled at just how quiet the trains that run this line have become. I barely heard them coming. The stretched cotton canvas hummed in vibration as they passed by just a few steps away.  I was safely out of the way where I stood, but it was startling every time one snuck up on me. At one point I was visited by a security gaurd for the ex-president’s compound just behind me. I thought I was getting kicked off the tracks, but apparently he didn’t care much what I did. He had a call that some idiot was standing on the train tracks down below and had to respond to it. He made sure I knew it was stupid to be there, and I assured him that I was smart enough to know just how stupid I was, and with that he was off and back to his tea and scones or whatever ex-presidential security guys do when they’re not investigating idiots on the train tracks. No harm, no foul.

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