“The Wind Blows Where it Wishes”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2017

3rd day on the road, 7th painting completed, 1st one this day

The wind was blowing lightly onshore this morning but the fog was moving out to sea and back again on a seemingly different program altogether.

You never know what or who will blow in with the wind.

Besides fog, here’s what else the wind blew past me while I worked on this one on the side of the road:

A chain smoking man in a cowboy hat in a white ford 350 and a good dose of country music.

A couple in a rusty blue minivan who appeared to be looking for something in the bushes right beside me, pulling out all sorts of random roadside detritus including but not limited to one busted chair and a pair of ladies jeans that they nearly kept but finally decided not to.

An old friend from Humboldt who spotted me at work and stopped for a quick minute to say hi.

A road walking 20 something guy with a backpack who feigned interest in the art while scouting my bags for food (or whatever else he was looking for) and finally left with my Cliff Bar.

A grown man on a bmx bike asking directions to the next market north of us.

None of that happens in the studio. Well, not very often anyway.

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