The Middle Ground

Approaching Storm

Approaching StormThere is beauty in light regardless of what horrid reality it illuminates.  There’s times when turning away and refusing to see the wreckage of our collective lives, is to miss out on an opportunity to marvel at the wonder of light.

But so often that’s what we do.  We turn away and refuse to see what we don’t want to see.  Bury your toes in the sand, watch out for used needles, and listen again to the vibration of the deep as it rumbles out an earth shaking testimony of the storm that is to come.  The day will soon be dark, we will wish for the return of the light that we scorned.

When? When did we scorn that beautiful light?  Every time.  Every time it revealed to us our problems and we considered them someone else’s, waiting for the city maintenance crew to come take it all away to the safe deposit in the middle of the sea.


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