“The Hectic Pace of Modern Life”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019


I’d started this one from the roof of my van much earlier on this trip. But there was no VW in the foreground, just that white truck. And it bothered me. The whole composition was messed up by the dead space beneath it. I’d tried to live with it. Sometimes I have the tendency to cram too much information on to every inch of canvas. Not details necessarily, just information. Lots of brush strokes, interlocked, dancing. It can be a nice effect, but sometimes equally nice to let the quiet spaces just be quiet once in a while. I think I thought that would work when I painted this, but it never really did. So I went back and parked in the same spot and waited for someone to pull in beside me and paint their car in the foreground to break up that dead zone. But it was a quiet day here. Everyone must have been busy keeping up with the hectic pace of their modern lives. Or maybe they just looked at the webcams streaming into their living room to tell them there was no waves, and just one van with a bearded dork sitting around on top of it scratching his head and drinking beer- sometimes at the same time even. No matter what the cause though, the effect was that there was no cars to paint at all. So I did the next best thing and painted my dad’s 76′ VW from memory. I grew up in that van. I was one year old when he got it, and he’s kept it all these years in great condition. My wife and I drove from Long Beach, California to Long Beach, Canada and back in that van on our honeymoon. We lived in for nearly three months. I know it pretty well, so I figured I could bluff a sloppy rendition of it just about as well as I could attempt to accurately paint something else if it had pulled into the lot.  I took my time and enjoyed myself, reveling in the hectic pace of my modern life.

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