“The Gambler’s Fallacy”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2018

One of California’s prized state parks. I arrived early, knowing the park fills up to capacity nearly every day with a line of cars waiting to enter. I’d made it on time, but my van was too long. Denied.

I had a long way to drive that day, and a boat to catch tomorrow that I could not, and would not, miss. But I’m here now, and there’s parking on the road. A 2.5 mile hike would swallow a fair bit of time, as would the painting itself. I gambled it and hoped for the best.

A frantic fast-paced hike across the entire length of the park, heading straight for a zone I thought would be ideal, but when I arrived, I found that due to heavy foot traffic, every piece of trail in this park is roped off with steel cables and the rangers mean business. No big deal for a photographer to hop over and get the shot, but for a 3 hour post out on a rock in plain view was a bit more than I was willing to wager. I’d follow the trail along the entire northern perimeter of the park and find a suitable view from the trail itself. Given the natural beauty, I liked those odds better.

3.5 miles round trip for this one. But my gamble was nothing compared to the one-time owner of this land who gambled it away to a troop of soldiers in one failed hand of cards. At least I got a painting out of my gamble, and a pretty good workout as well.  Oh, and I did not miss the boat either…

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