“The Dining Room”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019

My last painting from the US and THEM event. For this one, I had a good friend and collector offer to cater a meal for the 4 out of town artists and 4 local artists. She brought enough to feed 40 artists, and several who weren’t officially part of the event joined in and feasted magnificently with us all. She is a saint. This is where we ate and drank happily under a bright midday sun. I was so taken with the scene that I had to paint it after we broke it all down and scattered about for our afternoon session. Lots of memories here too, glad I finally painted this angle.

On a separate note, when promoting this event on social media, my website, the local papers and the local radio (yes, I went nuts) I specifically encouraged local artists who wanted to join us to bring some donuts or beers or something to share if they chose to paint alongside the crew. One of them did. Thank you Richard Stockwell, your generosity did not go unnoticed. Other than Richard, the only other artists to bring shareable sustenance were two on the US team- particularly Steve Taylor who procured an amazing assortment of local pastries and a thermos of hot coffee the first two days of the event. Ken Jarvela went above and beyond and managed to coral a beach bonfire oyster feast that everyone was too tired to enjoy, but still (he also passed his whiskey bottle around often, which was appreciated by many, if not all).  All that said, what in the world is up with the local folks that showed up and smiled and high-fived and chatted us all up and set up easels and painted away alongside us but alas- not ONE donut was shared. I’m not naming any names here, but come on. Step it up next time.

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