“The Beach”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 10″
Year: 2017


Sleep on couches, sleep in cars, whatever it takes to get by. Duck dive. Paddle. Duck dive. Paddle. Duck dive. Paddle.

Get a job. Better yet, start your own thing. Duck dive. Paddle harder. Duck dive. What? Duck dive again.

Lose a job, laid off by the boss that’s half your age. Whatever. Keep getting by. Paddle like mad. Duck dive. Paddle harder. Duck dive. Underwater backflip. Neat. Two quick strokes. Duck dive.

Get a place of your own. An old house with an even older landlord. No english spoken. Maybe dutch, or german. Simple life, walk to the beach. Paddle a bit further. Just outside the inner bar now. Check the shore, mind the drift.

Back to work. Side jobs keep coming. Who needs a real job? Head down. Keep busy. Race for the horizon between sets, maybe sneak through unscathed.

Landlord dies. What’s next?  Dark wall looms on the outer bar. Scratch like hell at the leaden water.

Nephew inherits place. He’s got plans. You’re not part of them. Not gonna make it. Forget the duck dive. Straight up dive for deepwater.

Back to the car and couches. Fewer couches now. Seems everyone else has been caught inside too. Car it is. Whatever it takes to get by. Swim in. Recover board on The Beach.

Not broken.


*sidenote: to this day I have never ridden a wave here, only paddled around in vein

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