Starting from Scratch – March 18 – April 16


Misfit HQ
565 Pearl St.
La Jolla, 92037

25 paintings from start to finish in the gallery in one week? I look forward to seeing how this goes. I've been wanting to do a show like this for awhile now, and I'm stoked the folks at Misfit Pictures were game to let me take a swing at it in their brand new gallery/headquarters in La Jolla, CA. 

During one frantic week in the new gallery I will be painting ten 30" x 30", five 20" x 20", and ten 10" x 10" original paintings. There will be tacos, donuts, beers, drums, friends, enemies, skateboards, and possibly even parakeets.**  Stop in during the course of the week to check out the work in progress, or just wait to see them all finished at the opening reception on March 25 ...times and more details coming real soon.

Super Complicated Pricing:

Blind Faith Commitment (available until March 18): 30x30 canvas - $950   | 20x20 canvas - $550 | 10x10 canvas - $348
Work in Progress Special (available March 19-24): 30x30 canvas - $1250 | 20x20 canvas - $650 | 10x10 canvas - $349
Finished Work (available March 25): 30x30 canvas - $1500 | 20x20 canvas - $750 | 10x10 canvas - $350

First come, first serve, quantities limited. Contact Pierce or Petra Kavanagh for purchase inquiries.


**bring your own tacos, donuts and beers... and friends... and skateboards... and parakeets... don't worry about bringing your enemies, that could be awkward).


Show Updates:

Stay posted...

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