“Sons and Daughters”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 10″
Year: 2018

Painted during the Humboldt Botanical Gardens Plein Air Invitational Gala 2018. I set up to paint this scene drawn to the spectrum of color in this garden bed lit up by a bright afternoon sun.  Without meaning to, the composition included a small tree on the left that I later found out was planted in honor of one of one of my best collector’s son (she ended up buying this one too). While painting I also puzzled over the white roofed building in the distance, wondering what it had to do with the garden. Only when leaving did I realize that is the building I’d been dropping my daugher off for spanish classes over the last few months, unconnected to the Garden. I’m a little dense like that. But there was a touch of poetry in these unintentional reference points, at least enough for a title anyway.

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