“Some Things Money Just Can’t Buy”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 24″ x 12″
Year: 2018


Like most surfers who’ve visited the area, I’ve collected some great memories of this place over the years. I’d wondered about painting this rock outcropping overlooking the beach for a long time. The last time I drove through (years ago, prior to the landslide and bridge collapse), I scouted it for views, and somehow came away feeling like I couldn’t find an angle to paint it from. That could be because I don’t recall there being a developed trail here -it was all bushwack and poison-oak dodging back then. But still, kinda boggled my mind on returning and seeing how easy it was to stroll up to this scene that was practically served on a platter.

People walking by are usually quite friendly when they see a painter, sometimes overly so. This day was different. Maybe I smelled bad from car-dwelling, who knows? All I know is 5 out of the 6 groups that walked by while I painted here seemed utterly annoyed at my presence. I was baffled, but it was refreshing too, because it meant they didn’t want to stop and chat much.

One group in particular is worth mentioning. 4 guys, young, college age, or just out of college walk up and see me painting. They all have their phones out to take photos of the scene, taking turns walking up and shooting from right beside me, as if I was in the only spot with a view on this trail. Ok, whatever. But then they turn to leave and one of them walks back. He seemed friendly, and I thought it would be a typical out-in-the-field conversation- (How long you been painting? Is this your hobby? Do you sell these? Etc) But no. He explains that he went to design school and seeing me paint reminds him of a cartoon he saw where a photographer walked up to a painter at work and held up his camera, pointed in the direction of the artist’s subject (at the same time he pointed his cell phone at the scene I was painting) and pressed click (at which point he took a photo) and turned to me and said “Done.”  Then he turned and walked away in a mic drop sorta way. I hope he didn’t pay too much for his “education” there.

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