California Coastal Series


A visual exploration of the entire California coast.

Northern California

Views from up north.

Central California

Views from the middle ground.

Southern California

Views from down south.

Free Range: California


23 days. 1499.6 miles. 33 paintings created on one road trip.

Time Zones

Plein air paintings with a chronological twist.



Borderline abstract water paintings, each suggesting the presence of a wave, but not showing it directly because sometimes it's what is left unsaid that matters most.



Reducing a wave to it's purest form, the mathematical principle, these paintings explore the topic via a textured blend of math, biological anatomy, and intuitive aesthetics.

Second County South | Shoebox Series


Exploring the surfing lives of a small crew of dedicated locals through their own eyes, each piece a reference to photos from each surfer's "shoebox" stash of surf photos that capture what surfing here means to them.

Birds & Bones

Not so much a formal series as much as a consistently recurring theme across my entire art spectrum.


A counterbalance to my more subjective work, reducing the painting area to just color and rhythm. Instrumental free jazz as opposed to a more structured lyrical approach.

Passing Through


An accidental sub-series born of improvised live painting performances, a symbolic visual language emerges.


Artwork created purely from the mind's eye.



Not my usual mode these days, but I do enjoy a crisp hard-edged ink drawing from time to time.  


Live Arts

These paintings were created during live performances in public settings, often on stage with live musicians, most of these emerge with no plan, just spontaneous art-making reacting to the music and the moment. Usually created from start to finish in under 3 hours and auctioned on site.

Plein Air Work

Easel out in the wind, racing to capture the moment's light before it's gone, or the painting blows over. Typically fast paintings, chasing the light for an hour or less. 

Studio Art

Paintings created at their own pace in the studio, sometimes working a single piece over dozens of separate sessions with no pressure, rush, or timeline.





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