“Russian Past”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019


A moment that caught me from years ago… A ship full of Russians. A profit up for grabs. An attempt, a failure, a repeatedly stillborn idea in search of an execution. A fight in the wind. A hillside unfolding. A mocking picnic. A friendly master. A seal and its fur. A life of luxury. A scouring of underbrush. An impenetrable fortess. A ruinous fog. A poverty of time. A series of perilous u-turns. A blind corner. An RV and a cop and a gang of wealthy bikers. A fort in the woods. A newspaper man. A better luck next time and a wave goodbye. A million other vistas, a thousand other years. A return. A breakthrough. A next time is now. A single car pullout. A perfect location. An elevated view from the top of the van. A car rushing past. A tap of the brakes. A question is asked. An answer is given. A lack of cash. A return to my business. A quiet allusion to our Russian past.

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