“Rogue Showers”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019

Like a sleeping dog, I lay on the floor listening to the passing showers. There was no need to race daylight now. The smell of coffee. Slow conversations. Three times I moved toward the door with this hilltop in mind, only for the rain to return and thwart my progress. Another cup of coffee before I go. With each cup the day looks a little brighter- the results of caffeine or the weather, I’m still not sure which. When the bottom of the mug revealed itself dry, so did the pavement outside, and that was my cue. Up the hill in the ominous gray, a gusty wind keeping things interesting. The view is worth it all. My only goal was to at least get something started before the next shower chased me off this hill on which I now stood at the easel in what would prove a brief window of clarity. Frantic sketching led to frantic painting, which led to frantic packing up during the start of the next downpour.  Upon returning to shelter and looking at what was produced I was surprised at how well it came together considering the adverse conditions that birthed this scene.

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