“Recent Deposit” $434

Medium: Acrylic on Birch Wood Panel
Size: 12″ x 12″
Year: 2018

Price: $434
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A quick one before dinner, followed by a much needed quick dip in the sea. When we arrived on this island, I heard a bit of excitement about this little sand dune that had formed just up the beach. Apparently it was a very recent deposit, and being that I was here with a bunch of college students who study coastal processes, there was quite a buzz about this pile of sand. Anyway, on this evening I thought the light was wonderful and I felt like painting so I figured the shaded dune would be a fun contrast to the sharp light on the hills behind it. I kinda misjudged the composition a bit and didn’t mean to be so bold. I though the dune would just be one part of the painting, sort of a nod to the company I was in on this trip, but due to a quick initial sketch with very little thought I realized that the little dune was taking over the entire painting. Oh well, these things blow in with wind on their own time, and move as they please apparently. By the end of the trip I even heard a calculation of just how many cubic feet of sand were contained in this dune. I wish I’d wrote it down. Tape measures were involved. I mean seriously, who does that? I love these kids.

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