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Welcome to Noví Albion Publishing.

It’s true that our entire website is just a solitary page on Matt Beard’s art website, but it’s fitting as he’s the only artist/author whose book we’ve published. In fact, we are him. Well, not just him, we are also his wife, but yeah…

We’ve self-published one, and only one book so far, a chronicle of my artwork covering the entire California Coast.

We chose the name “Noví Albion Publishing” to operate under because that was the earliest name we found for California on the old European maps from the era of discovery in the 1600’s. The name of “California” was there, but it only referred to the baja peninsula which was believed to be an island at the time. The name given to what is now California was “Noví Albion” on many of the old maps. We figured making books is a pretty antiquated old-world activity in this age of websites and digital everything, so we thought this name was an appropriate nod to the timeless combination of written word and illustration that makes a physical book remain so compelling even in today’s virtual world.

Titles:  “Painting the California Coast: Volume One”

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