“Maybe Another Time”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 16″ x 12″
Year: 2017


I have hazy memories of this place. Possibly dreams even. In those recollections the surf looks fun, but not good. Ragged, gray, a bit crowded. I’m hesitant. I never get in the water. It sure sounds like dreams I have, but the odd part is I don’t remember actually being here before. It just struck a chord as I drove by. I know this place. And all of it’s details. It’s odd. Could have been a trip with my brother when I was young, maybe just a quick surf check. But it sure feels like an awkward dream when I recall it now.  

Anyhow, this day looked completely different. Summer carefree day, blue skies, warm air, no crowd, but alas no waves. Once in awhile a line would stand up and threaten to break. In the white shimmering glare it looked tempting and I kept thinking I’d maybe paddle out on the log after painting this and see if they were rideable or not. But I never did. Good sense got the better of me and it really was more wishful thinking than anything else.

Maybe another time.

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