“Afternoon Martinis: Side B”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 24″ x 12″
Year: 2018

Painted from the deck of a small cottage on a controversial stretch of beach. A billionaire bought this land from a rancher a few years ago. Lots of folks live in these cottages that have been here for decades, and lots more have enjoyed this beach for generations. In recent times the new landowner has engaged with the state of California in a battle that is pitting the public’s historical coastal access rights against more general individual private property rights. Nobody knows just where it will all end up once the dust settles. The folks that rent these cottages are caught in the middle of it all. They love this place and have called it their home, or getaway home, for years. Before the new owner arrived and the controversy began, this place was quiet as could be. Even though lots of folks enjoyed this beach for years, they did so as a slow and quiet trickle of visitors.  It’s off the highway, hidden from view, the surf is mediocre at best (despite how it’s depicted in these paintings). All of this suited everyone just fine. Once the recent hullabaloo put the place on the wider public radar, it’s seen a constant stream of visitors, and a LOT more surfers. Even the bad days seem to have a few people out now, where the good days often went unridden before. My friend who’s owned this beach cottage for 15 years has watched it all go down. He’d like to stay as long as he can and I don’t blame him. But then again, the next day I stayed with an old friend down the coast who’s grandfather used to take his dad here to go fishing- quite possibly before the billionaire was even born. All that aside, it’s a beautiful place. I actually painted two views from this deck, looking both ways…

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