Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2017


What’s in a name?

Just a few days earlier I’d surfed a spot hundreds of miles north, that goes by the same name as this one. Unknown to me at the time, a memorial was being held for a local surfer who’d recently passed away while surfing there.

The morning I woke up to make the 6 hour drive south with this destination on my mind to kick off this road trip, I was jarred by the news of another man’s passing. One I had just met for the first time a few weeks prior on my last road trip. I had known of him for years though, and I was keenly aware of all he had done for artists all over the world. He had launched careers, lifted up the struggling, showcased what others overlooked. I just wanted to shake his hand and say hello and it was an honor to do so, and now there would never be a follow up to that encounter.

Life is final like that.

And it’s precarious while it lasts. Like an urban wilderness. It’s there, giving of itself to any who will appreciate it, but it’s often trampled, misused, overlooked, and in a blink of an eye the bulldozer’s come and finish it. A juxtaposition of love and indifference.

Damn the bulldozers. Slow down and enjoy what matters while it lasts.

And if you ever have the chance to name a surf spot, please call it Life.

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