“Just the Basics”

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 20″ x 16″
Year: 2019


I painted this one for a photographer/videographer friend of mine, Scott Sporleder. We met up and plotted the scene out, carefully arranging our cars (and our friends cars) along this bend in the coast to compose this one from the roof of my van. The plan was to go for a surf, paint, hang out, drink beers and make a day of it.  I never made it out to join them in the water as this painting somehow made a day all unto itself. Maybe I got a bit bogged into the shapes of the vehicles, being as they are a little less forgiving than my usual subject matter. Whatever the cause, I ended up standing up on the roof of my van all afternoon, 5 or 6 hours up there maybe? Probably not, but it felt like it. Especially when they all ran out to surf, and I just kept chasing this painting in circles. In the midst of all this Scott would periodically climb up to join me, take some process shots, ask a few more questions, deliver more cold beer, etc. It was a fun time all the way around. Nothing fancy. Just the basics. Scott even put together this cool little videocumentery of the day. Check it out!

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